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Tam Lin Retold - Corinne Harragin perfor

Tam Lin Retold

by Corinne Harragin & Nick Hart present by Trevow Helston

"This is storytelling at its best."
~ Audience comments

7.30pm 24th May
at The Ladder, Redruth

2.30pm & 7.30pm 25th May 2024
at Helston Old Cemetery Chapel

Inspired by the well-known Scots/English border Ballad of Tam Lin, this show is unscripted, orally told, and accompanied by live, mostly improvised music. In this way the audience is central to the performance.


We make our way into the greenwood together.

The ballad may be known as Tam Lin, but he’s only a part of it. Described by audiences as ‘joyous’,‘refreshing’ and ‘bold’, Tam Lin Retold recentres unsung voices in Scots/English folklore.


Enchanting and sharp in equal measure, this is badass border balladry for the old and the new.

"Ask her [Corinne Harragin] to tell you a story, and wherever it comes from in the world, or from inside her, it will be yours also.
~ Claire Carter, Artistic Director for Kendal Mountain Festival

"I’ve never been to a storytelling performance before, and I would come again. It was a fantastic experience that played with my imagination that hasn’t been used in that way for a while."
~ James Snook, Alma Tavern Theatre

Flexible Ticket Prices for Performances


We understand things are challenging for many people.

To try and make the work that Trevow Helston programmes as accessible as possible we are offering three ticket prices for the show and a free ticket draw. Please book the ticket that reflects what you can afford right now. You won't be asked any questions and your ticket options won't be shared with anyone.

£20 Supporter Show Ticket
This ticket includes a donation to support Trevow Helston's work

£12 Just a Show Ticket
This ticket covers our core costs of the event

£8 Helping You Show Ticket
If you can only afford this ticke
t right now we all understand

£0 Show Ticket Draw
If you cannot afford a ticket right now please enter our free ticket draw. Trevow Helston will give away as many tickets as we are able to
and we will inform you if you have won tickets a minimum of three days before the event. To enter the ticket draw please click here

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